• Voscars Award Winners 2017




The Belford Hospital has two key ward areas where elderly patients are cared for and rehabilitated before returning to the community.

To support the process, staff are keen to provide patients with informal care which enhances patient mood and contributes to a positive atmosphere.

The volunteer would help by providing musical input to groups of patients in the lounge area.

The volunteer would get the satisfaction of knowing that they are bringing pleasure to the patients, making new friends and contributing to the local community.

Volunteer Patient Visitor

By providing company and companionship,there are 2 roles within the opportunity the first is the rehabilitation which would be chatting and listening to the patients, reading to patients, playing board games/cards. Reminiscence activities using discussion, books or i pads if available. Accompanying patients outside for some fresh air. Encouraging patients with fluid intake.

The second role would involve providing support, company and companionship for patients who are receiving palliative care.

If you would like more information, we can organise an “expression of interest visit” that will allow you to see exactly what volunteers do. Please contact Ruth Malcolm or Mhairi MacKinnon on 01397702481


Ian McConnell (Volunteer Services Manager) on 01463 704867 / ian.mcconnell1@nhs.net