• Voscars Award Winners 2017

Sense Scotland – Play Activities Volunteer 


This is an opportunity to become part of the Early Years team, volunteering directly with young children up to the age of 8 with various disabilities and additional support needs. Our Play Activities Volunteers friendliness and enthusiasm help the children to explore different activities, encourages them to interact and play with others and to have fun. While the staff will lead each session, the volunteers play a very important role in keeping children and their family members engaged. You will help set up the space, chat with all present, be hands-on with activities and help review the successes and learning after each session.

Initially staff will plan all activities. However volunteers will have the option to suggest and prepare activities themselves, for example if they have a hobby that they are passionate about that can be shared with the children.

We are always open to new ideas.

 If you would like any more information on this or any other opportunity then please get in touch with Claire by email volunteering@valochaber.org  or by phone 01397 706044