• Lochaber High School Saltire Awards

Saltire Awards

The Saltire Awards are a Scottish Government supported recognition scheme for young people between the ages of 12 to 25 years involved in voluntary work throughout Scotland.  The Awards are split into four different categories as follows:

The Challenge (12 – 25)

Challenges are aimed at one off opportunities, such as a village litter sweep or volunteering at an event,  This gives an insight into what it is like to volunteer as part of a group.

The Approach (12 – 15)

The Approach is basically the route to individual volunteering, helping individuals understand what volunteering is,what you can do as a volunteer and how it benefits you as a person.  Not only will you learn about all these aspects of volunteering but you will be rewarded for your efforts as the Approach offers awards for 10 and 25 completed hours.

The Ascent (12 – 25)

The main focus of The Ascent is gaining the skills and experience that are often required to help get a job.  All skills and experience will be kept on a record to help keep track of personal development, awareness and understanding of how your personal involvement benefits others.

The Ascent encourages volunteers to focus on the following, using an online journal on the Saltire website:

  • Why do they want to volunteer?
  • What can they bring to the placement?
  • What they hope to gain from it?
  • Who will benefit and how?

Ascent certificates are awarded after 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of completed volunteer hours.

The Summit (12 – 25)

As the name suggests The Summit is the pinnacle of the Saltire Awards and will only be achieved by those who have not only completed the Ascent but have also exceeded expectation.

Participants gain Young Scot rewards points with each award they reach.