The Buzz Project – Board Members

To become part of the Buzz Project Board, and act within the constitution of The Buzz Project and the law, and abide by the policies and procedures of the organisation.  This includes having a knowledge of the contents of the constitution and relevant policies and procedures, and support the objects and mission of The Buzz Project, championing it, using any skills or knowledge to further that mission and seeking expert advice where appropriate.

To become an active trustee, and using skills, experience and knowledge to enhance the service provided by The Buzz Project and seeking to do what additional work, outside trustee meetings, including sitting on sub-committees.

To attend all appropriate meetings and other appointments at The Buzz Project or give apologies, and be prepared for meetings, including reading papers, and completing any tasks assigned in the agreed time.

To actively contribute towards improving the governance of the trustee board, participating in induction and training and sharing ideas for improvement with the board.

A time commitment of around 4 hours per month is anticipated and any reasonable out of pocket expenses will be refunded to the volunteer (e.g. mileage for training etc).



Committee Member – Fort William Town Team


  • Attend one committee meeting per month.
  • Attend volunteer meeting per month
  • Attend two litter picks per year
  • Come up with ideas
  • Helping to organise Christmas events.
  • Liaise with companies regarding Christmas Gathering.
  • Help or assist with hanging baskets/gardening.

Time commitment required for this volunteering opportunity:

  • 1 – 2 hours per week

If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity, please contact Karen Dean at [email protected]


Volunteer Board Member – Lochaber Hope

Opportunity Title:      Volunteer Board Member

Description of Volunteering Opportunity:

Lochaber Hope have a vacancy on our Board of Directors for a Board member

Are you someone who is keen to support a local charity and can spare a few hours a month to join a strong team of Directors ?

The Directors at Lochaber Hope are committed to ensuring that this vitally needed charity can continue its work. The Team of six come from a wide range of backgrounds.  Ideally, we are looking for someone with a business background and/ or someone in their early career.

We would encourage any applicant to meet with the Manager and the Directors and attend a few board meetings to ascertain the role requirement, the ability for the applicant to meet this requirement, how Lochaber Hope can support the applicant.

How many volunteers do you require for this opportunity? 2

Skills, Attributes & Experience Required:

Applicants will have:

  • A good knowledge of Lochaber Community, the organisations within and the needs of the community members.
  • A passion for the progression, empowerment and enabling people in the community to overcome barriers and reach their potential.
  • Will be able to work in a completely confidential and judgement free zone
  • Strengths that will contribute to the advancement of the board and the community

What time commitment is required for this volunteering opportunity?  (e.g. 2 hours per week / 5 hours per month flexible etc):

All Director’s attend 6 weekly 2 hour meetings and are available at other times to take on a time limited, specific and mutually agreed piece of work or to support the manager, staff or volunteers as required.
Will sometimes be expected to attend meetings on behalf of LH



 Volunteer Board Member – Advocacy Highland

Opportunity Title:      Volunteer Board Member

Description of Volunteering Opportunity:

The Board of Directors work under the direction of the Chairperson to ensure probity, provide governance and work in partnership with the Manager to achieve the aims of Advocacy Highland.  The main duties include;

  • To ensure that the organisation conducts its business in accordance with its Memorandum and Articles of Association and in adherence with relevant legislation.
  • To govern the organisation within best practice frameworks.
  • To attend Board Meetings (and relevant sub committees) regularly and contribute actively to the role of the Board in determining strategy, approving policy and monitoring performance.
  • To ensure the organisation’s resources are deployed in pursuance of its objectives and that its finances are systematically accounted for, audited and made publically available.
  • To oversee the management of existing advocacy provision and any future development.
  • To foster effective relationships between Board members and staff, service users, other stakeholders and others who are important to the organisation.
  • To participate where appropriate in the recruitment of senior staff.
  • To contribute any specific skills, knowledge and experience to assist the Board of Directors reach sound decisions.
  • To safeguard the food name and ethos of the organisation and to promote the organisation and its work, along with fellow Board members and staff, to existing and potential funding agencies, donors, supporters and beneficiaries.

How many volunteers do you require for this opportunity?  2

Person Specification

Directors will be committed to the aims and ethos of the organisation and to ensuring that its activities are in the interests of beneficiaries.  Previous experience of committee work would be advantageous.

They will come from a range of backgrounds and experience so that within the Board there will be people who represent the diversity of the local community, including those who provide or have benefited from Independent Advocacy.

Essential criteria

Advocacy Highland requires different skills, knowledge and experience from their Directors at different times and therefore we need Directors who bring:

  • A clear vision of the organisation’s aims and objectives
  • Passion and knowledge about independent advocacy and commitment to its principles and values
  • Time to devote to the Board and the responsibilities required of membership of the Board

e.g. to read papers in advance of meetings and regularly attend Board meetings and occasional extra meetings.

  • To keep up to date and informed about the organisation’s activities
  • Ability to contribute to meetings and to the organisation’s leadership and direction, accountability and development in a relevant and constructive way.

What time commitment is required for this volunteering opportunity?  Fleixble.  Board meetings are every 2 to 3 months in Inverness.

Please provide details of any induction or training offered with this Volunteering Opportunity?

An induction course is available.