Royal Air Force Association

Fundraising Team Leader – Fort William

A Fundraising Team Leader is someone that coordinates fundraising activities, for a defined region (village, town, city or borough), and manages and supports a group of fundraising volunteers in that region.

Fundraising Team Leader volunteers are responsible for arranging street or premises collections in their area, with support from the Association. In addition, they will be responsible for ensuring that there is a suitable number (approximately 10 – 20 per activity) of additional Fundraiser volunteers – to support each fundraising activity arranged. The Fundraising Team Leader will then inform these volunteers in the run up to the fundraising activity and manage them on the day.

Duties of a Fundraising Team Leader include:

  • Setting up street or premises collections (with support from the RAF Association) or other local fundraising activities, challenges, etc.
  • Contacting existing Fundraiser volunteers and recruiting new people to the role, to take part in arranged activities

Providing instructions and information, to Fundraiser volunteers supporting specific activities.